About the author

I’m Sammy Khan and I became an author at the prime age of seventy eight. It was by pure accident as I wrote about an experience I had out of pure frustration and it was a way to express my emotions and feelings about it and as well as documenting the whole situation. 

I am debuting my very first book Injustice with Match Fixing

I am a retired pensioner now and have spent my time writing this book to tell my story of how I was taken advantage of and how the UK justice system did not give justice.

I was a businessman. I worked very hard for over forty years but unfortunately I got injured in a robbery in the early morning 7.00 AM when I just opened the doors in the shop. This ended my career and I decided being the businessman that I am to let the property. 
I let the shop to the tenant through the Business Transfer Agent.
The tenant did not pay the rent on time. The tenant used half of the property for the business and occupied half of it for his home. They did not pay a penny for five years. He did not pay the council tax or the agreed, promised and confirmed the premium of the business.
He then sold my business of twenty years on black and white unlawfully without any authority or the rights and pocketed all the money like thirds world’s corrupt country.
The business was on the mortgage required the consent from the mortgagees and the landlord.
I wrote the book and then worked with a web developer to build this website to spread my message. 
1. The advertisement to sell my books Injustice (With Match Fixing).
2. Spread the news by sending these books to T V Channels and Daily Newspapers,MP/s,E U Commission (who is  investigating now for the last two years)  👎 and the top best libraries that there is wide spread corruption in the civil courts in U K some people can get away with murders and others suffer like me.
3. One of these MP/s getting these books may bring it up and table the motion in the house of the commons and The Government may be force to look into the judicial system and the people of this country may have justice again as this country was the 2nd best in the world for the justice.
I hope you can see how important this is to me and would read my book that tells the whole story in detail and the years of court cases and pain this has caused me. 
Most importantly I want to make sure that this is never allowed to happen again.